About Me

Hello, God has put me on assignment. In doing so I am most definitely stepping outside of my comfort zone. However, in order to grow; I have to let go of my fear and self-doubt. I am no writer by no means, but the Holy Spirit is in charge and will guide me in this journey. I am just the hands, voice, and feet for God. I pray that through this blog many souls realize that God is real and desires a personal relationship with Him. My hearts desire is to please God with all that I am!

The theme of my blog is “One Womans Journey to Finding Unconditional Love”. I have high hopes that through this blog not only will I grow and heal, as God is working on my heart, but help others on their journey of love.

Born and raised in Duplin County of Eastern North Carolina, I am a country girl who loves the Lord. My name is Donna Baysden and I am a single mother of a beautiful 24-year-old daughter. Her name is Samantha and without the prayers of this sweet girl at an early age I would not be here today!

You are probably thinking: “How can she write about true unconditional love; she’s single!!” Good question my friends. Follow my blog and see!

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