Once Upon a Time

20161016_171939-1My prayer as I write this first official post is that this be used to glorify God. Putting my heart and life out there for the world is very difficult; but I am trusting and obeying God!

Psalms 37:4 (NIV) “Take delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” If only I had of known this in my earlier years, I would have saved myself of much heartache,  grief, pain, and tears. I wasn’t raised up in church, we did go some but then drifted away. However, I always was able to go to Vacation Bible School and I loved it!

The person you see today is definitely not the person I use to be! My life was consumed with bitterness, hatred, envy, jealousy, deep rooted anger, rage, selfishness, hatefulness, spitefulness…..get the picture! Not a pretty picture is it? And I haven’t always been a good Mommy to my sweet Samantha. This is why my desire is to become the person that my daughter and I both needed as little girls. To teach our youth, to love them, and let them know they’re loved without a shadow of a doubt and that there is hope!

As a little girl, I so desperately wanted love and to hear the words I Love You! My parents loved me and still do. It’s just that not everyone expresses love the same way or in a way that we may need. And as a little girl growing up and desiring to feel loved; put me on a journey of finding love any way possible….or at least what I thought was love. There are many hidden dangers of looking for love in all the wrong places, wrong things, and wrong people.

We reap what we sow! My life story will reveal this as I continue next week when I start in the beginning.

Much Love to You All !

4 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time”

  1. I enjoyed reading your post. Looking forward to you sharing your heart and bearing your soul. This is what people need to see. HOPE! Hope in real life situations, in a real world with a Real God!

  2. God is so faithful! He always turns all things around for His glory – I’m so proud to see your willingness to be a vessel and become transparent to show off God in your life. I believe your blog is going to help those who are struggling to become sharpened and get their “wow” back in Him!

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