Our Choices – Not Only Our Destiny But The Destiny of Others

Last week I shared a very personal and private part of my life; I have become transparent for Christ through the Holy Spirit. Next week I will continue with the story of my destructive pattern in my life of disobedience and running from God.

When I ended last week I said we have a choice every day and those choices determine the outcome of our life and our destiny. God has reminded me of so many things this week. Not only do our choices affect our destiny but those around us. My life has not only affected me but the life of many around me.

In Facebook this week a memory from November 17, 2013 appeared in which I had written: “Hello my Facebook family! I love each of you but know God Loves you more! I am so thankful that I am not who I use to be! I have a testimony that you could never dream of & I’m believing God that it will be used for His Glory! God I’m yours use me where & when you want..I am a willing vessel.. take me all over the world if you want.. lead me to those that need to hear of your goodness & mercy and how you can change their lives! Amen! Praise God I am Redeemed…He set me free!”

I am totally blown away as the words I wrote three years ago are coming to pass. This blog is viewable everywhere in the world. And not only have I been contacted after the blog post last Sunday; but one of my dear friends was contacted by several about the post after she shared it. In a telephone conversation with my friend she commented that I should have contact info ready for those that may need it urgently; that this may become larger than I think.

While sitting in Bojangles on Tuesday night, it was like a light bulb went off! God let me know that the vision He gave me in 2008 was beginning to be birth through my obedience to Him. I had wondered since He put that dream in my heart how it was going to happen. Now I know; well at least how it is going to begin. Then He showed me Thursday morning that my Boaz and I play a huge role in this vision (dream of the heart impregnated by God). I am beyond excited for what’s in store for the future! But there is a price to pay for these dreams to come to pass.

This past week has been one of difficulty for me as emotions and memories good and bad have surfaced. Satan knows our weaknesses and he will use those to destroy us and he begins working in our mind, as this is where our battles begin.

God knows what we need and when we need it! Just this weekend I was blessed by being one of the leaders within the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Fall Beach Retreat Weekend with the Duplin County chapter. Our theme this weekend was The Armor of God. How perfect was this for me at this time.

You see last week as God was showing me the future, satan was trying his best to take me back to Egypt. The battles get hard and we have to choose daily to suit up in the armor. Satan will try to fill you with self-doubt and tell you that you aren’t worthy of the promises of God that all you deserve was in your past. The all familiar and the biggest struggle to let go of is the very thing satan uses to destroy us and put us back in Egypt.

If I don’t armor up every day and protect myself against satan then my future, my destiny and the futute and destiny of many will be destroyed. He used this weekend to remind me why it’s so important to put on the armor daily. The future of these kids and many others depend on my obedience and willingness to armor up. My free will; my choices have an impact on these kids destiny. If I sit idly by and do nothing for God; these kids may end up walking the path of destruction like I have; therefore destroying their life and the lives of their future generations. I refuse to sit back anymore and do nothing!

This weekend God impressed upon the heart of my dear friend to ask me to help baptize the girls. I was ecstatic! God used this to show me that He loves me and that I am His and I am worthy of everything He has planned for me!

Ephesians 6:10-18

The belt of truth

The breastplate of righteousness

The shoes of peace

The shield of faith

The helmet of salvation

The sword of the spirit. This is the only offensive weapon we have in these spiritual battles.

Genesis 37: 5-10

Acts 16: 9-15

We are in a battle daily but it is not against a person; it is a spititual battle between good and evil.  My life story when I pick it back up next Sunday will give you many examples of this. As I close for tonight, know that God loves you and that I love you! You are more precious than you think!

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3 thoughts on “Our Choices – Not Only Our Destiny But The Destiny of Others”

  1. My sweet Sister-n-Christ,
    You are a brave and compassionate soul. You write very elequently and purposefully…. it reminds me to remember how imperfect we are alone and how perfect we are through our Lord. I needed to be reminded. You are an amazing person😘👍🏻💐

  2. I love you. And I love the way God is using you. I cherish your friendship and I am one blessed girl that God choose our paths to crosss. Your writings are so spirit filled and come alive when I read them. There will be many many people lives changed because of your obedience to follow Gods calling. I’m honored to call you friend.

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