Christmas Miracles – How the Poorest Christmas Became the Richest


Sorry this blog post is a day late. With my Christmas visits with family and friends I am running behind!

When I woke this morning (Christmas morning) I had every intention to pick back up on the story of my life. But God spoke to me and is sending me in a different direction tonight. You see God has shown me the true meaning of Christmas this year and it’s not about expensive presents like most people think.

Jesus was born at Christmas and is the greatest Christmas gift we will ever receive. His love for us is immeasurable.  {Luke 2:1-20}


It started back at the beginning of December when depression tried to overtake me. Being a single mom with a daughter trying to find a full time job can be very difficult financially. Then on top of financial hardship there are the memories of the past when you had an entire family.  Just seems like life is so unfair sometimes. But then again our choices in life get us where we are. We can’t always blame the devil because he isn’t that good, so lets not give him too much credit. Most of the time it’s our own fault. But to get back on track with this story; I told you in a earlier post about the AC unit repair and the electric bills cleaning out my bank accounts. Hence cleaned out accounts, one household income and trying to keep things going, equals two broke girls at Christmas.

I was so depressed thinking about not being able to buy gifts this year for my friends and family like I had done in the past. I was thinking about the movie “Christmas in Canaan” where they were financially unable to buy Christmas gifts so they cut out pictures from catalogs of the items they wanted to be able to give and wrapped them. They gave from their heart although there was no tangible gift there was love. I thought about this movie several times. The things I wanted to be able to buy and what I could afford were no where near each other. I kept reminding myself God always knows what we need and He always provides.

As Christmas got closer and it was almost time for Christmas break from work I struggled because I wanted to buy gifts for coworkers and my bosses. Myself, I love it when others make things for me as these gifts are from the heart. But when you hear others around you discussing all the expensive things they are purchasing for love ones it makes you wonder if you perhaps are alone in appreciating the simple heart felt gifts. By this time I didn’t feel that my homemade goodies I was contemplating making were going to be good enough.  But I wanted to give them something; so I baked with love. And although I didn’t buy what my heart wanted for my family; I purchased what I could.  But this past week God allowed me to discover that my poorest Christmas has been my richest. Although I was financially unable to give to others, God used me as His voice, hands and feet to help several this Christmas.

It started last Wednesday night with an instant message in Facebook from a friend. She told me of a young mom with four little ones that were in need of help for Christmas. This young mom had left an abusive relationship and moved with just the clothing on their back and trash bag full of more. She is trying to find work and her car broke down in need of repair. My first thought was how in the world can I help; I don’t have any money and it’s 3 days before Christmas Eve! But then I said I would ask to see if anyone knew of any help out there for Christmas for the kids. After I reached out in an instant message to a few of my friends; the responses were funds are exhausted. Two of my friends and I were in a conversation in this message wishing we had the money to just go shopping for these kids. Then at 8:53pm I said “God will provide, He always has for me”! Then Lori said “Donna you are  absolutely correct” and immediately Judy said “Yes I totally agree!” At 8:56pm my telephone rang and she said I have toys for you!  It was one of my friends that was included in the message. She was at her church and they had been abundantly blessed in their toy drive this year; therefore having lots of toys left. She told me I would be surprised and I most definitely was when I got to her house the next day and she opened the trunk of her car! It was full! But my dear friend had also put together a sweet gift for the mom. I was so excited that this family would be able to have Christmas gifts.

Now to contact the friend and let her know I have toys for the kids and see about getting them delivered. The plan was to meet her Saturday but when I woke up on Thursday this mama was on my mind. We needed to deliver to the family instead of to my friend. So I texted Judy to see when she was available on Friday to go with me. But during all of this I had to make sure if was ok for us to show up and deliver to mom. When I received the ok and the address; which was one and a half hour drive from me, I was asked to check on a few more details for not only the kids but for mom. So  I  got her number, called and left her a message of who I am, told her I was one voice of my ministry team and that we have toys for the kids donated by my friends church and I needed to speak with her. When she called me back, she was overly excited and cried almost the entire time while talking to me.

After getting the needed info such as clothing sizes, things that were needed, things wanted, particular interest and anything that the kids have asked for, etc. I took pictures of the list and immediately texted to another voice of the ministry team. The items then were put on a wish list and the wishes were fulfilled.

The next morning was delivery day and knowing my financial situation I prayed on the way to the gas station and told God that I was trusting Him to provide. Then I received a text saying we needed boxes or trash bags to use to hide the toys. So I go to the store to get lawn size bags and as soon as I walk in I saw a friend from long ago. So excited to see him, I gave him a hug and we talked for a little while. After finding out I was delivering to the family he wanted to help out and gave me $20 and said to use it for gas or wherever needed. God provided! I went and got gas and proceeded to Judy’s. When I arrived at the studio my heart was so full after I walked in and saw all the items that had been purchased for the entire family. This was on top of what the church had given! God is so good!

We loaded up my SUV and delivered everything to this beautiful family. After talking with the mom, I knew why God had chosen me to be the voice, the hands and feet for Him. She was at a point where I have been several times– Giving up, not wanting to live anymore, thinking God can’t possibly love me and has forgotten me! He gave me a word for her and I shared it with tears in both of our eyes and pain in my heart. I knew exactly how she was feeling! God has a huge plan for this sweet mom!

Saturday morning came around and I had plans to go see Christmas lights with my daughter and cousin later. During the day we had company, visited my parents, texting my friend back and forth that I had seen on Friday. However during the morning I started thinking about how everything played out with the Christmas gifts for this family and how God had orchestrated everything. From the message to me, to asking for help, stating that He will provide, to the phone call from Kem having toys, phone call to the mom, Judy and I both running behind on Friday, then on way to get gas got the text message needing bags, therefore going to the Dollar General before getting gas, saw my dear friend, was given money for gas, wish list filled plus much more, then a word for the mom from God! Priceless!!

It hit me that He loved me so much and trusted me that He gave me this assignment! I may not have been financially able to help this family but God chose to use me to be His voice, hands & feet. Giving of my love, myself, and my time I started to see that I was much more valuable than any monetary gift I could ever give.

But God wasn’t finished! When I visited my parents and my Daddy gave me an envelope which was dropped off for me earlier. Daddy didn’t know who it was as he only told him that he was my friend. When I opened it there was money and a sweet note, I knew right then who it had to be after reading the note. Anyway, after I returned home and awaiting for my cousin, I discover that her 5 year old granddaughter is on the way from South Carolina with no Christmas items for Christmas morning. Traffic held her dad up and stores were closing before he could get here. Immediately, I decide I’m going to use the money I received earlier to make sure Kemmie has Christmas. My friend in our texting, I told him what was going on and immediately he insisted on helping. I said I was going to use my secret santa money and he told me to stop by his moms when I was out. After handing me an envelope; inside was a card containing the same amount I had received before. God is good and rewards us for giving with the right heart!

This morning (Christmas Day) as I go out to let Samantha open her gifts I see my stocking and two extra large Christmas bags. Within both of those bags were very expensive handbags that were purchased by members (not knowing the other had purchased one already) of a special family wanting to make sure that I received a new and nice handbag. You see I have never had a new purse, always used ones and they knew this as one of them overheard me say this in a conversation one day. I was really stunned and felt really guilty as I didn’t have anything for them.

But while getting ready to meet my family for Christmas, God spoke to me. And I started to cry because God was telling me that the two expensive purses are meant to show me that I am more valuable than I have ever realized. And that I deserve much more in life than money can buy. Happiness doesn’t come from materialistic items but from the heart. But I am to never put myself on the clearance rack ever again. He has so much in store for my future.

The Christmas miracles that took place over the past few days were eye-opening and amazing. It was very humbling that God chose a nobody like me to be the voice, the hands and the feet to minister into the lives of these families. And in the process of all this I have regained a long time friend who is now living and serving God.

My poorest Christmas became my richest Christmas because I learned that Christmas is about Love from the Heart! The best gifts are those given from the heart and God gave to us from His heart!

It’s awesome to be the daughter of the King! I Love my Father and so thankful that He never gave up on me!

This has been the best Christmas ever!

God Loves You and So Do I!

See you next week!


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