Heading For Disaster Or Preparing For The Calling


When I started writing the post this week, I was riding on our Emerge Ministries bus to Washington, DC to show the love of God to the homeless. I prayed that God would give me the words to share because I normally am in a quiet room writing as the Holy Spirit downloads to me. Of course on a bus with a ministry team it’s anything but quiet. But I would not have it any other way as I have loved every moment of this weekend with my family and looking forward to many years of traveling together. God always provides a way when it is of Him! All we need to be is willing and obedient.

As we were riding God reminded me of being stuck in traffic earlier this week and I started writing. God works in amazing ways as we toured the homeless shelter, our tour guide told us all about the facility and the program. But then he said that God just has to slow us down sometimes to get us where we need to be! That hit home! I knew right then that God is on the move with this post, the weekend and in my  life.

Life sometimes is a journey on its own. The twist and turns can sometimes be for our own good. Driving to work two days this week I got behind slow cars. At first I was upset because I was running a little behind; but then I realized perhaps I avoided a ticket or an accident. God let me know that just like when we get behind a slow car, He will sometimes slow us down in life. He does this to teach us a lesson and perhaps to protect us or those we love.

Sometimes we are in too big of a hurry and headed for disaster. We aren’t quite ready for what is in front of us or perhaps what He called us to do. He slows us down so we can be prepared to reach the destination He has for us. He will even put others in the path to ruffle our feathers, so to speak, to work on our hearts and change us for the better. He gave me a thought. How is it that we have so much patience and love towards others but not with our own family! Hummm…..something hit home with that thought because I know how I have been towards my own family; especially my daughter.

When we get in a hurry or be impatient we don’t think clearly and make quick decisions that not only affect the rest of our life but others around us. This includes our words, actions, reactions and attitudes. Things we say can hurt others tremendously to the point they feel unworthy, unloved and unwanted. Not only have I been on the receiving end but I’ve been guilty of giving it alot! God told me that I must be patient with and show love to those of my own house. Sometimes we fail to remember this because its easier to hide our ugly behind closed doors. But we must remember God sees everything!

Our hearts must reflect our love in our own home just as much as outside of it. This is one of the lessons that God wants us to remember when we are stuck in that traffic or dealing with a person whom we tend to be impatient with. Remember He is preparing our heart with every test and as He slows us down its either for our protection, a lesson or both. We must remember the next time we get irritated or start to loose our cool, just perhaps its a growing experience for us so we can reach our destiny and fulfill the calling on our life.

Be still and know that I am God is what He has told me many times. He says listen and I will guide you. We have to get in our quiet place and be still in order to hear Him. It’s hard to hear that faint whisper when we are too busy, in a hurry, impatient, too loud, not on the Word and not focused. Instead of being so set on what we want perhaps we should ask God what He wants. After all He created us for a specific purpose and who better to know what we should do. Others are watching!

Ephesians 4:1-6

If only I had of been still and listened to God many years ago my life perhaps would have been much differently. The heartache and pain have been deeper than I remembered as the Holy Spirit guides me on this blog. Although I ran for many years instead of following God, He never gave up on me! Praise His Holy Name!

We all have cracks in our lives! However; God repairs the cracks in broken hearts and broken lives! We need to trust, believe and listen as the Holy Spirit guides us. Are you heading for disaster or preparing for your calling?

God loves you and so do I !

Join me next week when I return to my life testimony!

Have a Blessed Week!


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