Dear Future Son-in-Law — A Prayer

Dear Future Son in Law,
I don’t know who you are yet but my daughter has been handpicked by God to be your wife. I pray for the anointing for you to husband her and lead your family the way God has intended. I pray for you my sweet daughter the anointing to wife your husband and the anointing on you both to parent your children. May you grow together in your calling for our Heavenly Father, winning many souls for His Kingdom. May God be glorified in all you do and may everything you touch and do prosper. May your love for one another grow stronger day by day with God always being first in each of your lives. Remember God first, spouse second and children last…. out-of-order will cause disaster within your marriage. Pray together & for each other, praise & worship together, study the Word together, keep a date night, bring her flowers just because, hug & kiss each other often and let the kids see you so they know you love one another, respect one another, never go to bed angry, dance & dance in the rain, laugh lots, and say I love you often, take those walks together hand in hand, and swing on the porch swing together and play. Enjoy each other and my grandbabies, for life is short & never take a day or each other for granted. Keep the family together, when things get tough fight on your knees with prayer! Love God first, love each other & love my grandbabies!

Future Son in Law take care of my baby girl!!

In Jesus Name I Pray, Amen!


Your Future Mother-in-Law

A prayer from my heart for my daughter’s future… I Love You Samantha!

June 7, 2017

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